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The Island

Ithaca is one of the smallest and most picturesque islands in the Ionian Sea, with many pebbled beaches, crystal clear waters, greenery that reaches down to the sea and traditional architecture that enhances its unique character.

The Island

Getting around the island

Nature and activities

It is the ideal choice for a traveler seeking a beautiful destination that will deliver quality, alternative holidays close to nature. Unique and majestic landscapes await at every sight, hilltop or small untouched bay. Apart from the major, accessible from the road, beaches, the island’s coastline is thick with small pebbled beaches, where one can enjoy peace and isolation. These beaches can be approached only by sea, by owned or rented boat from the port of Vathy or Frikes. Ithaca also offers the choice of organized diving and canoeing excursions.

The innumerable mapped paths of Ithaca offer visitors another unique experience. The island is covered with lush vegetation and, as there is no large touristic infrastructure, there are many options for walks through nature, routes short and long, easy and more demanding for the experienced hiker.

Archaeological sites

Although Ithaca’s archaeological infrastructure has yet to express its great history, recent excavations have brought to light important findings that are worth a visit. The archaeological site of the area ‘Agios Athanasios-School of Homer’ is open for guided tours, upon request, while of the findings of the excavations can be seen at the Archaeological Collection Northern Ithaca, in Stavros.

Ithaca can be reached:

– By car or bus to the port of Patras and from there by ferry to Ithaca.
– By car or bus to the port of Killini and from there by ferry to Ithaca.
– By car or bus to the port of Astakos of Aitoloakarnania and from there by ferry to Ithaca.
– By car and ferry through the island of Lefkada.
– By plane to Argostoli of Kefalonia, from there by car or bus to the port of Sami of Kefalonia and then by ferry to Ithaca.

Useful info

  • Municipality of Ithaki: +30 26740 33481, +30 26740 32795
  • Police Station: +30 26740 32205
  • Port Authority: +30 26740 32909
  • Fire Service: +30 26740 33499, +30 26740 33199
  • Health Center: +30 26740 32222
  • Archeological Museum: +30 26740 32200
  • Archaeological Collection of Stavros: +30 26740 31305, +30 26740 23955